Using Marketing Ideas From Other Industries Really Works

By Angelika Ilina

I read a newsletter written by Dan Kennedy, one of my marketing heroes, where he talked about using other industries’ marketing tactics for your industry. One often hears companies say “Well, what they’re doing is great, but it wouldn’t work in my industry.” That is often not the case.

Consider what Estée Lauder did years ago: they pioneered “get a free gift with purchase” for the cosmetics industry. How many industries do you know today that use this marketing tactic?

We tried this concept with one of our clients and got successful results. The client, a school, offers prospective students a chance to come and observe their school, for a day, for free. The offer has been marketed as “Come & Observe Our School” concept.

Ai Creative came up with a “free trial” idea, widely used in other industries, to promote the “Come & Observe” offer. We changed the marketing messaging to “Get Your FREE One-Day Trial. Try us out for one day — FREE!”

The reason this proved to be successful? People are familiar with this concept because they see it everywhere else, across industries. Prospective students were calling and asking to schedule their personal, free one-day trial. Now you see why Dan Kennedy is one of my marketing heroes!


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