More Messages = More Customers

By Angelika Ilina

marketing-touchesI recently heard Tony Robbins say that fifteen years ago it took 4 quality marketing messages before someone would buy your product or service. In 2009, I wrote an article about how most businesses use 3-4 media channels for their marketing while very successful businesses use 8-10 different types of media.

Can you guess how many quality marketing messages it takes today?

16 Versus 4

Creating just one touch point is rarely successful, but doing 4 or even 10 may no longer be enough. In today’s multi-touch world, it takes 16 consistent, quality marketing messages before a prospect buys your product or service. Why is that?

People’s lives are busier than ever. There are more marketing channels competing for your target audience’s attention. We have more access to information, and we are, frankly, distracted by it all.

It simply takes more touch points to rise above the noise and get someone’s attention long enough to care.

Multi-Touch Marketing

We see multi-touch marketing in action when reviewing our clients’ Google Analytics data. A look at conversion paths often shows website visitors arriving via multiple channels before a purchase is made. This is especially true for higher-priced products and services.

For example, a visitor might have initially arrived to a website by clicking on a paid search ad, then by doing organic search, then by clicking on a Google display ad, then by clicking on a link on Facebook. It took 4 interactions and 4 marketing channels before a product was bought.

The Rules Are Still The Same

The number of marketing messages has increased, but the rules of marketing are still the same. It’s not about simply throwing more marketing channels and messages into the mix and hoping someone will bite. Let’s not add more noise to an already noisy marketplace.

Quality and ROI still rule.

3 Steps To A Multi-Touch Marketing Strategy

Step 1: Add Efficiency to Existing Marketing Channels

If you already use a mix of marketing channels successfully, congrats. If not, evaluate how well your current marketing programs are performing. If they aren’t bringing the ROI you expect, can you adjust them?

For example, we took over an existing pay-per-click campaign for one of our clients, reduced their monthly ad spend while increasing revenue by 40%. The same marketing channel is now producing more effectively. Can you increase efficiency of your existing programs?

Step 2: Increase Marketing Messages in Successful Channels

If your existing programs are running successfully, can you increase marketing messages within those channels? Can you send two email newsletters per month instead of one? Can you write additional blog posts or articles?

Step 3: Add Marketing Channels

Look into testing new marketing channels on a small scale to find out how they perform. How about a low-budget pay-per-click campaign to research what keywords prospective buyers use to search for a business like yours? Or a small and targeted direct mail campaign? Or advertising on Facebook to take advantage of lower costs per click?

Whatever multi-touch marketing strategy is right for your business, choose quality over quantity as you add marketing messages to increase sales.

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