Can You Guess The Next Biggest Thing In Online Marketing?

By Angelika Ilina

So you have a website. Check. You don’t like to pour money down the drain, so you drive visitors to your site. Check. But what about converting your website visitors into customers? Oops.

The next biggest thing in online marketing is what’s called Website Conversion Optimization. Many organizations focus on designing and promoting a website, yet lose sight of the website’s primary purpose which often results in only a tiny portion of the site’s visitors actually completing the action that the organization wants them to take (a conversion).

The action is a phone call, a “request information” form submission, an online purchase, a newsletter signup, a white paper download, or a combination of the above – and converts your visitors into leads or customers.

Here’s an example: you may want your visitors to request an estimate for your services because you have custom pricing that is not listed on your website. Unfortunately, your “Request an Estimate” form:

– Is difficult to find
– Contains too many fields which likely creates a high level of visitor anxiety
– Features the “submit” button which appears intrusive
– Lacks trust logos
– Lacks explanation regarding what visitors may expect after they submit their information

How many visitors might have enough anxiety to stop them from submitting their info? How many more visitors would submit the form if you properly executed conversion optimization strategies? Would it be worth to you if the number of form submissions increased by 10%, 20%, 30% or more? That’s the beauty of conversion optimization.

Search Engine Marketing and Website Conversion Optimization go hand in hand. What’s the point of bringing more website visitors if they don’t become customers? What’s the point of executing conversion optimization strategies if no one finds your website?

Conversion optimization is how you really measure a return on your website’s investment. First of all, instead of guessing which elements of your website the visitors respond to, we determine what they actually respond to. Second of all, the conversions are measurable, and if you get enough visitor traffic, you can test and refine elements on your site to continue increasing the conversion rate.

Sadly, not many small businesses are asking for Website Conversion Optimization yet, but they will – mark my words. So, check that box and stay ahead of your competition.

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2 Responses to Can You Guess The Next Biggest Thing In Online Marketing?

  1. This really comes down to website ROI. I often wonder why businesses have websites when they have no online sales or conversion strategy.

    I think content plays a part in conversion optimization–a big part, in fact. If websites don’t follow even the most basic precepts of sales copywriting, it’s unlikely they’re going to persuade readers to act.

    If you want your website to bring leads or sell, you have to develop it with those ends in mind. Otherwise it won’t.

  2. Scott, you are right – content plays a major part – from persuasive headlines to calls to action.

    I believe businesses often forget that a website is a marketing channel with a purpose of bringing more leads or sales. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a print advertisement if it didn’t get you more customers, right? Websites should be viewed in the same fashion as any other marketing channel – the bottom line being ROI.

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