5 Elements of High-Converting Landing Pages

By Angelika Ilina

Landing Page OptimizationWhat happens when you drive traffic through a Pay Per Click campaign to a landing page that doesn’t convert? You guessed right: you waste your marketing dollars because you pay for clicks that don’t convert. But how do you create the perfect landing page that converts? We’ve identified 5 elements of high-converting landing pages.

1. Relevancy

Your landing page must be relevant to your ad. Say you’re advertising for beef steaks, but your landing page is about pork chops. Although pork chops may be a product you offer, this is not what the potential customer expected when they typed “buy beef steaks online” in a search query and clicked on your ad. The more relevant your landing page, the more likely that click becomes a customer.

2. Page Layout

A lead generation page, for example, should follow a good, basic landing page layout which is based on a formula that has been scientifically proven to work. It includes specific elements and their specific placement on a page:

  • Logo in the upper left, phone number in the upper right
  • Image or video, if you choose, next to a strong headline
  • Three bullet points with strong benefits
  • A contact form
  • Trust logos or symbols and/or testimonials

3. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes your business different? How are you better than your competition? Add what makes you unique on your landing page to set yourself apart. Your USP is not your customer service, price or experience. It must be something really unique and distinctive about your business that can’t be claimed by others. Ours, for example, is the results-driven approach and the knowledge of how to increase sales with online marketing.

4. Trust & Credibility

Are you communicating trust and credibility on your landing page? Trust logos, awards, affiliations, and testimonials help a potential customer have enough trust to submit their contact information or place a transaction.

5. Call to Action with a Strong Offer

For a potential customer to call you or to fill out your contact form, you must have a clear and prominent call to action that gives them something, preferably for free. Examples include a free consultation, free trial, free download, promo code, or other strong offers. The stronger your offer, the higher the conversation rate, and the more successful your Pay Per Click advertising will be.

Every marketing dollar counts, so make sure your landing pages are crafted to maximize your conversions and get you ahead of your competition.

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